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担当者:Mark Blair


●キャンセル費用– 200,000香港ドル


ー輸送の遅れにより在庫/展示機材が時間どおりに到着しない 等

●賠償責任– 最大25,000,000香港ドル



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Dear Valued Exhibitor,

Thank you very much for your continued support of Informa Markets events.

As we all know, a successful event is one that draws the full participation and commitment of exhibitors, visitors and trade show organisers. As an event organiser, we have made it our mission to deliver the highest-quality trade show services to buyers and sellers, and to create vibrant, content-rich marketplaces where business partnerships are explored and forged even long after the shows are over.

It goes without saying that your health, safety and security are our top priorities when organising events. We constantly review, update and strengthen our emergency and contingency plans to ensure that we are prepared for the unexpected. Unforeseen circumstances, however, do occur, which can result in disruptions in operations and losses and with this in mind we have made a few amendments as set out in the attached Supplemental Agreement to Contract.

To protect yourself in case of a loss, you are required to have a sufficient insurance policy with a minimum requirement of Public Liability HKD25 million any one occurrence at the show you are about to join, as stated in Clause 9 of your exhibitor contract. This is to ensure that all parties involved – you, your staff, your fellow exhibitors and visitors – are protected.

From our next event onwards, we will ensure that this clause is complied with, with the assistance of administrative company InEvexco Limited. Therefore, kindly take note of our new process:

1. Insurance coverage to comply with Clause 9 of the Contract Terms and Conditions has been arranged on your behalf as a “Participating Exhibitor” under the Insurance Policy issued to us as the Organiser. Attached are Supplemental Terms & Conditions to your Contract (issued under Clause 17 of your Contract), which relate to the provision of this insurance coverage, and where you can find additional details. If you have any queries, you may get in touch with our insurance brokers on the contact information provided.

2. An invoice for the insurance participation fee of US$200 will be issued to you shortly. If you wish to take advantage of this insurance policy which meets the minimum requirement and offers some additional benefits, please arrange for payment to be made as soon as possible. We believe this policy offers exhibitors an easy and convenient way to comply with the contract’s insurance requirement along with offering enhanced cover in the form of Exhibitor Expenses and Exhibitor Property.

3. Alternatively, if you have your own Public Liability insurance policy, which meets the minimum requirement of Public Liability HKD25 million any one occurrence, you may provide evidence of such to InEvexco Limited as per the process detailed in the attached Supplemental Terms & Conditions. With our permission, InEvexco Limited will contact you by email and request for your current coverage details to be made available to them for compliance review, unless you have already paid the insurance participation fee.

With these steps, we will ensure everyone takes their responsibilities seriously and that the costs, in the event losses occur, are kept to a minimum.

Thank you for your kind attention and we wish you a safe and happy event.

Informa Markets Asia Limited


Cancellation Expenses – HKD200,000

• Ability to claim expenses including stand rental, hotel, travel expenses, marketing costs and shipping costs if the Exhibitor is unable to attend for a reason outside of their control / if Informa cancel the event for a reason outside of their control (subject to the exclusions) up to HKD200,000

• These reasons could be (but not limited to)
o Illness (excluding Communicable Diseases)
o Medical procedures
o Accidents
o Travel delays / disruptions
o Death in the family / next of kin
o Weather related issues (typhoon, storm, hurricane, snow) preventing the Exhibitor in attending or preventing the event taking place
o Stock / exhibition equipment not arriving on time due to delays in transit
• Nil excess / deductible on this section
• This cover is not available in isolation elsewhere in the insurance market to our knowledge

Public Liability – HKD25,000,000

• Provides cover to enable your Exhibitor to comply with your Terms and Conditions
• This is not compulsory – if the Exhibitor has their own cover they can send it to us to check and if it is sufficient they do not need to pay the USD200 fee

If they got the above cover themselves the cost would be substantially more than the USD200 they are being offered under your program however, as stated above, they do not need to have all of the covers just the Public Liability to conform to your Terms and Conditions.


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Email: jewellery-jp@informa.com
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