Japan Pearl Exporters' Association (JPEA) has been operating it's privatized voluntary Cultured Pearl Quality Inspection and Tag system since January 1999. This new system has replaced the mandatory Japanese Government Inspection Office which was shut down on December 1998 as part of its national administrative reforms. The Cultured Pearl Quality Standards of Japan are based
on the same criteria as those of The Japanese Government Inspection Office and the pearls that meet the standards will be affixed with tags or stickers to show that pearls meet The Cultured Pearl Quality Standards of Japan. The pearls cultivated for an appropriate period of time, and processe0d without damaging the quality of the pearl will basically meet the Cultured Pearl Standards. Thin coated and /or excessively processed or treated pearls which may fail to assure permanence of the quality will not meet the Cultured Pearl Standards of Japan.

The calling for unrestricted international trading has pushed the government to decide to cease existing after 46 years of
operation of the Government Inspection Office, which has contributed tremendously to win confidence of the trade and consumers, and to establish a stable global market place of cultured pearls parallel to those of color stones and diamonds.

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